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“We are one family working together for a better tomorrow.”

Kindred Learning Center


Our Programs

Infants & Toddlers

Infants, toddlers and twos are naturally curious.  As they engage in routines day after day.

Just For Twos

Infants, toddlers and twos are naturally curious.  As they engage in routines day after day.

Just For Threes

Our children engage in activities that promote social emotional and vocab development, as well as literacy skills. Developmentally appropriate activities are scheduled with flexibility that allows teachers to respond to the needs of each individual child. Our Terrific Threes use the InvestiGator Club’s Just for threes Learning System. Just for Threes helps children develop important readiness skills by nurturing each child’s individual needs and encourages cognitive, physical, and emotional growth through exploration and play. The Just for Threes program has planned learning experiences that include a mix of whole group, small group and individual interactions with teachers. Our program has a balance between child initiated, free choice learning, and intentional, teacher directed instruction.


InvestiGator Club

Our Fantastic Fours and Fives use the InvestiGator Club Pre-K and Kindergarten Learning Systems.

Our Approach

Kindred Learning Center’s goal is to help children develop mentally, physically and emotionally. We strive to develop future leaders that shine among their peers, in the community and abroad. Our goal is to build strong children, families and communities.

Our mission is to help children and families develop into being great leaders; Leaders that will make a difference in their families, communities and abroad. Maryland State Approved Curriculum, fun activities, health &wellness and nature based learning.

We incorporate field trips to allow our children to experience real-life activities outside of the classroom. Our field trips are connected to ideas that are learned in the classroom.

Kids in Preschool

Special Activities


Kindred Learning Center invites visitors into our center to give our children new experiences in the classroom.  Our visitors are family members, community helpers, Fine arts performers, sports, or science guests.  

Special Days

Our calendar is filled with many special days full of fun learning experiences.  Our special days give our children the opportunity to learn complex ideas in a fun and exciting way, celebrate holidays, and explore different cultures.  

Family Engagement

KLC builds relationships with our families. We have an open- door policy that allows parents to visit during the day to experience our learning environment. KLC educates our families as well as our children. We have a health and wellness policy that allows parents to learn about having healthy families. Our lending library gives parents the opportunity to borrow materials that are relevant to building strong families. We host Ready at Five Learning Parties which are built on the idea that learning can be fun. Learning parties are interactive, hands on, parent/child "parties" that promote and enhance the school readiness skills of young children. Learning parties promote positive parenting and enhance a parent's ability to be a young child's first teacher. Kindred also offers Maryland Family network’s parent Cafés. Parents cafés are created to help build strong families. Families are welcomed to assist with field trips and special events that are given by Kindred Learning Center.

About Our Teachers

The teachers of Kindred Learning center are dedicated to creating a safe and healthy learning environment. Our teachers plan daily activities that build social/ emotional, physical, cognitive and language development.

Our History

Kindred Learning Center is founded by a set of twin sisters (Kia Miller and Kelly Miller) that have always had a passion for teaching young children. Both sisters decided to gain degrees in Education. After teaching in the public school system for several years both sisters agreed that there was a need to ensure that children were taught fundamental skills at a very early age.

IMG_3049 copy.jpg

Our History

The sisters decided that they would open a learning center that educated young children and their families. They both believed that in order to successfully educate children they must also help the families understand child development. Because this learning center was founded by two sisters and the focus of the center is to build strong children and families, they decided to name their child care learning center “Kindred Learning Center.”

The goal of the founders is to create an environment that makes children and their families feel loved and welcomed. Their goal is also to help children and families build a joy of learning. The founders of Kindred Learning Center believe that “We are one family working together for a better tomorrow.”

“We are one family working together for a better tomorrow.”

Contact Us

Kia’s Mobile: 410-382-4668


Kelly’s Mobile: 410-382-8069


Learning Center Hours
Monday – Friday
8am – 5pm

Visit Us

Baltimore Location

5213 Norwood Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21207

Phone: 443-316-8456
Fax: 443-200-5953

Elkridge Location

7739 Mayfield Ave
Elkridge, MD 21075

Phone: 410-904-5988
Fax: 443-296-7625

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