Does my child Listen and Follow Directions?

Will my child listen if there is a Crisis Situation?

Recently, we have seen so many tragedies in our world. There have been tragedies in our schools, churches, concerts, movie theaters and many places where it should be assumed as a “safe zone.” It is unfortunate that we must think about preparing our children for emergency situations. We don’t want to stop going places and enjoying our lives, so we want to make sure that we know how to react in emergency situations.

Start having drills or talk with your child about emergencies. You don’t have to go in great detail but let them know that sometimes there may be situations where they have to listen quickly. You may also have a code word. If your child hears you use this word they will know it is serious and they must listen for directions.

We must make sure our children have good listening skills and know how to follow simple directions. If children are not used to following directions it can be very dangerous during a crises situation. Children should understand that trusted adults are there to help keep them safe. Develop a relationship that is built on trust, where children will know that you want the best for them. Have conversations with them and explain why it is important to follow directions. Start giving your child simple directions to see if your child can complete the task. Give a direction and wait a few seconds for them to process it before you repeat it. You don’t want to get in the habit of repeating directions to your child because they will get used to you repeating and won’t listen the first time. Be specific in your commands. If it is something you need them to do say it directly, do not say it as if they have a choice. For example, if you need your child to pick up his or her toys. Do not say “Can you please pick up your toys, so we can get ready for bed.” Saying it this way gives them a chance to tell you no. Instead, say “Pick up your toys for bed time,” That way they know what is expected of them. Please work on listening skills with your child daily. It is imperative for them to be able to listen and follow directions, it can save their life.

By Kia and Kelly Miller

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