Our Fantastic Fours and Fives use the InvestiGator Club Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten Learning System. This program is a fully integrated curriculum with a strong focus on literacy, math and science. We begin our day with daily routines that are created for each investigation.During opening Circle time, we sing songs and rhymes that make it easy for children to learn critical skills and concepts in fun-child centered activities. Our everyday literacy focuses on activities that are critical for young children’s future reading success such as oral language development, phonological awareness, vocabulary, and alphabet knowledge.

We also regularly address other important skills and concepts such as written expression, print awareness and motivation to read. At the end of the day children have the opportunity to reflect on the day’s learning and connects it to what they already know. During this time our children engage in conversations with their classmates, do a shared reading and writing activity and learn different songs and rhymes.

This group also learn new vocabulary through our Vocabulary Improvement and Oral Language Enrichment through Stories (known as the Ready at Five VIOLETS program) Our Kindergarten program corresponds to the pre-k curriculum providing higher level activities and approaches that engage and challenge five year olds. This program is aligned with state and national kindergarten standards.

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